Wellness Wagon: Week 16.5?

Holy Crap where did that week disappear to?!  I’m well into week 17 now.  I have had an immensely busy month and the time is starting to get away from me!  It’s not necessarily a bad thing, except my energy disappears faster than I like, and I’m finding myself constantly giving in to rest and relaxation to cope with stress and anxiety, instead of Exercise.  Many of you probably think that is a good thing, but remember what this blog is about: ADHD.  I run to get in shape, yes; and to manage stress and anxiety.  However, ultimately, it is to manage my ADHD by providing exercise-induced hormones and endorphins, which help manage dopamine release, which in turn allows my mind to stay focused without seeking out additional stimulation.

so that was a mouthful.  Simply put, if I don’t run, my ADHD symptoms are unchecked.  I then backslide into junk food and video games. I did run last night, and today I decided to change it up a bit by trying the workout below.





I found it to be pretty fun, and the constant changing of exercises kept me interested.  The only downside is that I’m still a fairly big man, and I still have back issues from a rollover accident a few years ago in which I fractured my spine.  so some of the exercises I had to modify to avoid harmful stress on my back.  Some of the stretches in her cool down were clearly for expert level yoga instructors, but again, I was easily able to improvise and stretch a little differently.  So eventually I will try it again.

so, back into the usual routine of this blog.  more than 16 weeks cigarette free.  I’ve put on a few pounds, because I haven’t held myself accountable for maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the past week and a half, and prior to that I had been sick.  No matter the excuses, I’m back on the wagon and moving forward, with a goal of beeing below 180lbs by 2017.  right now I’m at around 198.

wish me luck.


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