Wellness Wagon: Week 15

Staying on the wagon…

105 days. I gained some weight back. Its ok though. I got a few good runs in last week along with some weight work. Long run tomorrow afternoon, 30 min or so. I have to get my distance back up, with a 10k looming in the near future.

Still smoke free, and free to stop portioning my food. I just need to stay active and keep to healthy foods.  I want to get down to 180lbs by the end of the year, and right now I’m about 198.

The difficult thing is forcing myself out the door in the morning for a run!  With no more Biggest Loser challenge to stay motivated, I have turned my focus to the 10k this month, a Tough Mudder in May, and getting my old Cross Country team back together for a race against the current hogh school team next August.  It’s called the Alumni Run, and used to kick off the cross country season for my school.  I have a lot to train for if I’m going to finish a Tough Mudder and get my 3k time down below 18 min within the next year…


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