The Return of the ADHD Review

I came across a podcast I just had to listen to because it was about the relationship between exercise and the brain, exercise as treatment for ADHD.  I have had an ongoing series in this blog about wellness and the struggle to maintain fitness and I try to throw in there from time to time how my mental health is affected.

Justine Ruotolo talks with Dr John Ratey about exercise and how it improves the Neuroplasticity  of our minds.  Justine and Dr. Ratey talk about rigorous exercise of the body as well as meditation (exercise of the mind) and how our brain is similar to a muscle.  Activities such as dance, martial arts, gymnastics, soccer… exercise that requires constant change of position, all help with brain health.  Dr. Ratey starts by talking about a patient he had in 1981 who had been a marathon runner.  The runner suffered an injury and subsequent depression, and began exhibiting signs of ADD.  His whole life he had essentially been self medicating with exercise.  They also talk about exercise to manage behavior in children by activating their brains instead of putting them on time out.  Exercise is great for all ages and for many disorders or dysfunctions, exercise could help with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.


Treating with exercise is what I want to do. Exercise increases receptors of dopamine and norepinephrine, and is good for all of us, not just for treating mental of physical illness but for applying our brain and body the way they are designed to be used.  Too easily we get sucked into other dopamine triggers like video games, alcohol, etc., which can damage our brains instead of strengthen them.  Exercise is great for treating aggression, depression, self discipline, self respect, as well as developing our neuroplasticity.

If you want to listen to the podcast, you can find it here.  For more about Justine Ruotolo, click here.

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Inescapable Mortality

because death

Let me start by saying this is not one of those posts where I have answers or inspiration.  When this post is published, I will be spending the day at Disneyworld with my parents, wife, and kids, enjoying life and  likely not thinking about this post at all, but actually making the most of my time, which is not usually the case for me.

I’ve written a bit here and there about reflecting on the past, and subsequently wondering what my reflections would be 10, 15, even 20 years from now.  Today I got to thinking – I’ll likely be a grandparent then.  I think about my grandparents and how adored they are by the family, and the love they have for all of us grandkids, and for the most part I can’t wait!  Weird, right?  Being 35 years old and planning for grandparenthood?  more on planned grandparenthood in a later post…

Thinking about the future is not all warm and fuzzy.  Not all of my grandparents are with us anymore.  At some point in the extremely distance future, my parents will also be gone from this world, and eventually so will I.  How will I feel about my life and my legacy at that point?  Continue reading

The Meaning of Life

That’s right, folks, it’s the blog post you’ve all been waiting for: What is the meaning of life???  Why are we here?  We are born, taught how to eat. We learn to crawl, walk, run, skip, jump, drink, smoke, streak, dress professionally, invest… then we die. I found myself thinking about this the other day (someday I’ll upload all of my voice memos to myself regarding potential blog posts).   Mankind started life in tandem with nature.  This is not another nature loving tree-hugging post.  Just saying, we used to coexist — now we farm.  It’s a fact.  Moving on: at some pivotal point in our development (Mesopotamian domestication) the ancestors of Ancient Babylon (the actual location of the Tower of Babel, for you bible people) decided it was time (or they needed) to stop chasing herds and start domesticating plants and goats.  They settled down and soon came to live in huts, then clay buildings, then hotels and skyscrapers.  Living was the meaning of life.  Eat, sleep, make the babies, grow the food, and die.  Then, someone lived a little too long, or had a little too much time on their hands, and began to ponder life.  Why are we here?   Continue reading