Wellness Wagon : I’ve lost count

This has been goin’ so long i can’t recall the week I’m on.  I know its been about 9 months since my last cigarette. My weight has been holding steady around 210.  I’m not incredibly happy with that and with so little change I’ve not posted a Wellness Wagon entry in a while.  But yesterday, I ran a 5k and placed first in my age group!  My time was about 35 minutes and I couldn’t help but think of how awful it is that no one in my age group (35-39) could run a sub- 20 minute race.   Grea that I’m getting out there and running, but I’m not really race-ready and yet, here I am, winning my age group.  I want to be that guy running sub 20’s again. 

Now, one thing I’d like to do is bring this back to my ADHD. A couple weeks ago, I was finally able to get back into a regular running routine.  I have seen a marked improvement in my productivity at work and I know that, with my competitive juices flowing, i think things are going to continue to improve at work and in life, and maybe I’ll have more to say in coming weeks!


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