Wellness Wagon: Week 34

Well this entry has cetainly been something.  This is my 2nd time typing it because I didn’t have patience enough to wait for WordPress to update, and thought it posted a draft, unedited and incomplete. So I deleted it.

Then I saw the post on my facebook page and it was the correct one. The one I deleted…
So here we are.
Week 34. No cigarettes and minimal weight control.  So, good and bad.  I ran 3 miles Sunday.  Well, I walked a bunch of it but I got out there and I’ve been riding my bike.  Which, if you haven’t done in a while, is guaranteed to make you feel old and out of shape.  So here I am, old and fat and ready to get out there and conquer the world with exercise and nutrition.  Ish.  But seriously, I hate how half-assed my efforts have been.

Lately, I ‘ve been stressing and my headache’s are getting more frequent and worse.  The other day, my wife made me some beard oil with essential oils which help me focus and help with anxiety. Probably one of the best things I’ve had for my ADHD in a long time.  She also mixed me some oils to help with tension headaches – while I was having one – just made a remedy right then and there, just for me.  Both were super helpful.

The oils should help with my focus which helps my ADHD.  The focus will help me keep up with the running, which in turn will help with the ADHD.  You see the positive feedback cycle here.  At least, that’s how I hope it works.


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