Saying No to Jesus

“I politely said ‘no, thank you.'”  

I woke from a dream last night and as I was putting the dream into words I wrote this phrase.  The dream was about the death of Jesus.  The death was in modern times but still with the cinematic drama of the original. It was the end of days. As Jesus burst from his entombment on a Harley to Heaven, he somewhat shouted to me much like Santa from his sleigh ” would you like some fresh water (fresh clean water being scarce after the apocalypse)? Its straight from heaven…”

 I politely said “No thank you,” half dazed by the spectacle before me, and he sped into the sky on his way to heaven.
Jesus offered me a cup of water from heaven. HIS CUP. Anyone who has seen Indiana Jones knows that means immortality… i turned it down to be polite.  Jesus, by the way, was the same Jesus from AMC ‘s The Walking Dead.

We decline things now as a courtesy.  We offer to share as a courtesy. We have become a world in which the polite thing about “no, thank you” isn’t the thank “you;” it’s the “no.” Because we say no, we have spared the offerer the burden of the unwanted share, offered only as a conversational courtesy when in fact we so often would prefer not to share.  I turned down everlasting life from Jesus because i fell into conversational social habits and declined… 

What struck me about that, as a matter of reflection, is that I often turn down things offered to me because I feel guilty about accepting things when I cannot return the favor. I am not very well off and I’m very forgetful.  I’ve also noticed that most people I know offer to dhare things all the time.  Food, time, space… but many also complain later. “I didn’t want to share but I felt bad.” I suppose they at least know they did the right thing, like it or not.


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