Make America Smart Again

It’s funny, I find myself comforting my Democratic friends in much the same way I did my Republican friends 8 years ago.  This is a controversial candidate who got people talking about politics.  He will either do a good job, or he’ll screw up so badly it will light a fire under people to better educate themselves for the next election.  Either way, it’s 4 years, or eight years, and then it’s over.  This country has had it’s share of terrible presidents.  Cheaters, racists, crooks… We’re still here.  We’ll still be here in 4 years.  in 8. in 24.  In 60.  Don’t be conned into thinking our country is ruined now, and don’t be fooled into thinking Trump can, in 4 years, make America so much greater than she already is.  None of this is true.

Trump, like any other president, really has no real idea what he’s walking into until he’s briefed on everything.   He will have to make decisions as situations come his way, and they may not be the decisions he wants to make because of the intel, if you will, that he has.  A campaign promise based on limited knowledge has limited chance of fruition.

Another thing: the fears and claims that the country will now move backwards, regress to darker times of racism, bad policy, etc., are crap.  Racism and bad policy are already here!  Cronyism is in the news every day.  Crooked cops, crooked politicians, crooked banks, white people released without charge a day after someone black got the book thrown at them for the same situation.  Teachers not allowed to teach to the strengths of their students; instead forced to teach fish to climb trees.  This is already policy.  If you’re out there crying about how the country is going to get worse you need to pull your head out of your ass and realize it already has.

This is the time to stress education and discourse.  Learn about what is going on in politics, and actively pursue your interests.  Write your congresspeople.  Advertise, vote, donate, get behind your causes.  Act.  This is how the country will move forward.  It really is that simple.


And whatever you do, don’t go out and get an asinine bumper sticker about Hillary for Prison or other ignorant political statements because that just means you’re sheep.


Bumpersticker banner


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