New Year’s Resolutions

It’s about that time.  New Year’s resolutions.  New Year, New Me.  and all that.


Here’s how it works.  identify three things you want to accomplish in 2017.  Then start now.  Yes, start now.  Let’s face it: if these are important enough to dedicate an entire year to, you can start now.  Let’s address NY resolutions for what they really are: justified procrastination.  I feel better about the poor choices I’m about to make for the next 4 weeks because I’ve already taken the first step in becoming a better person: I’ve decided to wait 4 weeks to do it.


Screw.  That.  Get up off your butt and get things started now.  Exercise.  Save money.  Pay more attention to your spouse.  Play more with your kids.  Call your family.  Today.  buttkick



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