Wellness Wagon: week 21

Another week wasted

So I ate better this week. weighed in at 202 this morning before breakfast. I was down to 193.  This is depressing. I have tossed around the idea of trying to add variety to my exercise to keep it interesting but haven’t had the nerve to do anything.

Its very easy this time of year to begin the downward spiral into seasonal depression.  I have fallen into this trap in the past, and it led me to my heaviest and least healthy weight of 220lbs. this was last winter.  i had to learn a few tricks to bolster my self discipline which I clearly need to start up again.

  • Comfort should be a reward, not a distraction: its so easy to get sucked into video games, movies, and snack food instead of forcing ourselves to exercise for an hour. instead, make tourself pop in a cardio video or play a dance game with the kids or go for a walk. Earn your comfort.
  • Vitamin D is your friend: get some vitamin D gel caps. This viramin is only fat soluble, so the dry supplement are less effective. the gels have everything you need. Vitamin D will help you stay happu and energetic. Seaonal depression comes from (among other things) getting less sunlight (less Vitamin D) in the winter.
  • Exercise: It really is the name of the game.  Endorphines and hormones are crucial to regulating mood and energy levels.

So get out there, and earn  your comfort.  Earn your chips, your eggnog, your beer; earn your long hours of couch time playing Skyrim. I will try to do the same.
Btw, 21 weeks, no smoking.


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