Wellness Wagon: week 19 and the routine 

Anyone who has ADHD knows routine is crucial to success.  I’m no different. here’s mine:

Monday: wake up at 4am. decide I need another 90 minutes of sleep more than I need exercise. spend the rest of the day feeling depressed and guilty that i’m not pursuing the lifestyle I want.

Tuesday: not a run  day.  think about exercising anyway, decide against it because life is exhausting enough.

Wednesday: finally run before work. feel better about myself.

Thursday: re-stablish  self loathing and hope I have the descipline to run again hy the end of the day.  I don’t, but I drink enough to not  care. 

Friday: last day of work, start to plan a long run for the weekend. feel pretty good about it.

The weekend: 50:50 chance I’ll run as planned. one more week under my belt…

This is my life.  I post regularly about going weeks without cigarettes and staying healthy, but don’t think for a minute that it’s not a struggle.  the key is knowing that  I’m making more good choices than bad.  

I am sick again. so there’s that.  It’s just a cold. 19 weeks cigarette free, and still kept off about half the weight I’ve lost this year. I tried running Sunday but I was so wiped out from being  sick that I only made it about about 1.5 miles. but that’s still better than sitting on my ass, right?

Still steady at ~ 200lbs.  feeling somewhat pessimistic at the moment. however a fellow quitter broke this week and started smoking again, and I remained on the path of the non smoker.  a proud moment for me.

That’s all for this week.


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