The ADHD Review: resurrection 

There are so many support groups out there for those of us with ADHD.  Join this group and try that seminar and read this book.  And they are all helpful.  I began an effort a few months ago to pursue more knowledge about ADHD and share the highlights of what I’ve learned.  I’ve shared blogs and podcasts and I’ve started several books, but with a change in responsibilities at work, all this research suddenly came to a halt.  The ADHD Review, as I’ve been calling it, has died.  At least, that’s what I was thinking this morning.  I began writing the eulogy in my mind and realized  I had still been able to share new things and be inspired by other people, and it wouldn” be fair to just bring that to an abrupt halt.  So I’m going to keep trying. I may not be able to share as much, or learn as much, but I will do what I can, when I can.


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