Wellness Wagon : Week 18 – 10K

Week 18. The Sycamore Pumpkin Run 10k. Sometimes it looks like that I’m really starting to step up my game. Actually, I ran a race. All that means is I ran that race. I hardly trained for it, and it was a real wake up call.

I fully support taking medication to treat ADHD. For me it just wasn’t the way. Its important to know however, that while you are not putting any chemicals into your body by using exercise and nutrition to treat your ADHD, you still put yourself through a lot of stress. Its very difficult to figure out a set time of day several days a week to exercise. For me, the commute to and from work means that I have to run in the morning. That means getting up at about 4 o’clock in the morning, going for a run, getting ready for work, working all day, then getting home at 6 p.m. and maybe having enough energy to make dinner before I crash. Sure, as I exercise more I’ll have more energy and I’ll be able to do more at the end of my day when I get home; but that hasn’t happened yet. So I’m faced  with a daily dilemma of having to decide whether not to get another hour sleep or get off my butt and go for a run before work.

One thing that I’ve recognized is that while it’s definitely a struggle to try to do the same kind of exercise several days a week at the same time of day its a little easier if you change a few things. For example, I prefer to run, however it’s easier to put a cardio routine into my afternoon one day instead of running that morning. I can do cardio at home in my living room where I don’t have to worry about who’s watching my kids. Plus, they have the opportunity to see me exercising and it motivates them. It inspires them  to do the same and they turn it into a lot of fun. So there’s that.

So here we are Week 18 and I ran a 10k. I thought for sure that this race would be tough, and it was; however apparently I’ve done enough training to achieve more than I thought I was capable of. My goal was to run the 10k in 78 minutes. My finish time was 64 minutes, and that’s after I was able to get my phone out of my armband to stop the timer. There’s nothing quite like that “next day soreness” after a hard run or a hard work out to remind you that you still have a long way to go. I do still have a long way to go. It will not be easy, however I know now that even though it’s been difficult to stay on task over the last few weeks, the fact that I’ve kept trying got me to where  I am now;  and the fact that I’m going to keep trying is what’s going to get me to my next milestone. So for anybody who is reading this and is inspired to exercise; even if you don’t have ADHD, even if you just want to live a healthier life; understand that it’s going to be hard and you may not feel results but every once in awhile if you throw something into your routine like a race or a challenge or a competition to gauge your progress you might find yourself pleasantly surprised.


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