Wellness Wagon: Week 11

Hello and welcome to this, the end of my 11th week of wellness.

77 days ago was day one of not smoking. No nicotine at all. No patches, no gum, no vape.  As I pass up opportunity after opportunity, stressful situation after social situation, I realize just how dependant I had become, not even realizing it.  If you say you’re not a smoker, you just light up when you’re out with your friends; you’re lying to yourself. You’re a smoker. You might not even wait until you’re drinking to unwrap the celophane and light one up…

I digress

77 days ago I weighed 213lbs

 I’m now holding steady around 199. Time to up my game.  Last weekend in San Diego was an eye opener.  I’m capable of eating so much better. I’m capable of running so much harder. So this coming week, it’s time to expedite my progress. So here’s the new routine:

Monday: 4:30am 5 mi run 

Tuesday: 5am .5 mi ru.

Wednesday 4:30 am 3mi (up from 2.25) tempo

Thursday 6pm 2mi easy, 4×400 intervals

Fri. 5am .5 mi

Saturday :30 mi. Trails

I want to try to start riding my bike in the afternoons as well, just to have some kind of low impact means of burning calories and slimming down a bit more. Once I get below 190lbs, it will be less about weight loss and more about legit training.  

Another  thing I picked up in San Diego was an awesome Paleo Chicken Salad:

Chicken, grapes, pecans, celery. Dressing is apple cider vinegar, mayo, and raw honey.

I plan on eating more of this and less lean cuisine. It’s more nutritious and more filling, and way lower sodium. Just sayin.

So hopefully this week’s weigh in will teflect positive results, as well as next week. My final weigh in is 9-26 for my office’s Biggest loser challenge.


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