Wellness Wagon : Week 9

I’m 4 days late with this entry. It was bound to happen, this is an ADHD blog, afterall. So without further ado…
It has been  over 9 weeks since my last cigarette.  I am still holding steady right around 200 pounds. I still want to lose at least another 20 lbs. I ran a race last weekend and felt really good about it, even though it was only a 3k (~1.8mi).  I need to pick up my mileage.

It seems like I keep saying the same things: haven’t smoked, haven’t gained weight, ran a little, diet has been just okay.  I look at it now and think that, if I were a reader, I’d be screaming “Dammit, man! Where are the big lifestyle changes? Where’s the progress?”

Good question…


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