Wellness Wagon: Week 8

So It’s week 8.  8 weeks ago I weighed 213 pounds.  I committed to losing weight for the second time this year. I made it down to 193 the first time, and I’m down to 198 now with 6 weeks to go.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that we had a couple of going away celebrations at work with pizza and donuts and I definitely got a little crazy.  I’m back up over 200 lbs and  full of regret.  I have 5 days until Wednesday’s weigh in though, so hopefully I can run it off.

8 Weeks ago tonight I smoked my last cigarette. I have to say, I figured it would be no big deal because I was such a light smoker to begin with.  Since then I’ve really started having serious cravings though.  Especially if I’m drinking.  So, it’s been 5 days since my last drink.  I’m not sure if this is me biting the bullet, but for now, I’ll keep track and we’ll see how long I make it with no alcohol.  But, yeah – 8 weeks, no smoking!

Final note: The end goal for all of this is to get in shape and complete another Tough Mudder, this time completing all the obstacles.  Because obstacles require a person to literally pull their own weight (literally), I want to get down to 180lbs by 2017.  if I can get to 190 by September, that will be a reasonable goal.  So now it’s time to start focusing a bit on the future, not just the present.  What is going to motivate me to keep going after this weight loss challenge is over?  I can’t just fall off the wagon again.  So now it’s not about finishing the challenge, but moving forward to the next goal.



2 thoughts on “Wellness Wagon: Week 8

  1. Thanks! Addiction is a monster for anyone, and those of us with ADHD are often more susceptible than most. I am constantly thankful that things like eating and smoking are the worst of my battles, and it’s motivation to not give up; because there are people out there in much more difficult battles than mine and not giving up, so I can’t either…

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  2. You’re doing fantastic! I wrote a long comment on one of your fitness posts a few weeks ago; it never posted so I thought it was lost and then it reappeared in a random saved file on my phone (omg, how ADD did all that just sound?!). Anyway, more than anything I wanted to offer congrats and encouragement, because what you’re doing is no easy feat. Keep up the good work. Gil has struggled a lot with nicotine addiction (he was a heavy smoker for years & then switched to dip (ICK!!!!!) and finally quit for good) but his weight has slowly crept up, and he has to continually re-evaluate and find motivation to keep himself in shape. All said…I commend you for working on all of at once. It’s obvious that you see that it’s all rather connected. Thankfully, with all my *stuff* I’ve never smoked, but I know at times I rely too heavily on wine to keep me from losing my marbles on my entire family… I tell myself awareness is a crucial step but I digress. Eight weeks is a long time and you’re to be commended. Keep it up!


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