Weakness and Wellness

Many people who have been reading this blog recently know that I have a weekly wellness update to help hold myself accountable.  I thought it would be a good idea to expand on things that are difficult during this transition.

First, let’s get the obvious out of the way.  I have ADHD, hence the existence of this blog.  So of course, developing an exercise routine has been at the forefront of my frustration.  So, how do I cope with this?  I must have a semi-functional process because exercise is the primary way I manage my ADHD symptoms.

  • accept the fact that I am going to break from whatever routine I set up.  it’s going to happen.  It’s a weakness.  Get over it.
  • include enough movement and/or fun activity in my day to ensure I get some level of calorie burn higher than just sitting at a desk all day.
    • I have hand weights at work, 10lbs each, that I can do curls with.
    • I can walk on my lunch break.
    • I can take the kids for a bike ride when I get home.
  • This does not mean I should skip a meal.  That’s not to say I haven’t gone that route, but it’s bad so don’t do it.

So here we are.  Meals… If you know me in real life, you know that mealtime is my favorite time of day.  I love all food, from fruit to meat, health food to fast food; and I have a hard time stopping as long as there is food in front of me.  So, what to do?

The struggle is real, kids.  Food is my biggest weakness.  I try to avoid having junk food and alcohol around; however I am but one of five people living in my house, so my efforts are sometimes wasted.  I also try to limit the overall amount of food in the house, so all I have to do is remind myself: Hey, dude, this has to last the whole family all week, so back off.

Skipping meals is bad, but overeating is bad too.  most of my problem comes with my love of fast food.  I try to allow myself one or two fast food meals per week.  Sometimes it is simply a chicken sandwich from Wendy’s, others it is an all out feast from McDonald’s after a long day.  The point is, the longer you go without something you want, the more stressful it can become.  Stress is bad. Food is good.  in moderation.  LOL.  I do OK with food.  I love healthy food as much as crappy food, so that’s helpful. Stress bad, food good. Too much food, not so good.  Got it?  That’s my struggle and it is SOOO tough.  Not just sometimes; ALL the time!



Wellness is not just physical.  It’s emotional, financial, spiritual, and social also.  Stress is bad, malnutrition is bad… if your efforts to be will involve doing things that could make you unwell, always consider either a break from those things or some lenience to keep well on all fronts.


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