Wellness Wagon: week 7

So, I’m sitting here drinking beer number 6 or 7 and thinking to myself “anyone hanging out with me today would not think at any time that I am a person trying to make healthy decisions.” Burgers, fries, and lots of beer.  

I had a check up with my physician today too, and he seemed to think I am doing ok.
Oh, and my first major craving for a smoke.  Oh my goodness this is ridiculous! Just the thought of lighting up is driving me nuts right now. It’s not going to happen because I am a couple days shy of  7 weeks ciggy free and I’m not about to waste that effort.

I did not run today but I have the whole weekend to make up for that. I have lost 10 pounds since starting the wellness wagon series and I’m sure I’ll be fighting to keep it off after today.It seems like there is always some excuse to make poor choices. I am not ashamed of today’s choices because I’ve already resolved to put in the work to recover.


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