Wellness wagon 5.5: In Situ

Ugh.  Just to capture the struggle as it plays out:

I recently changed my alarm to a song by the Mighty Might Bosstones (check the spelling, Boss Tones?) and forgot.  This morning the Rascal King’s trumpets ripped from my sleep so hard I was breathing heavy and my heart was racing.  No snooze today.  It’s about 3:30am right now and I’m struggling.  I know already that today’s run will be light and easy. I’m not going to push to hard and I know once I get out there I wil be glad I did.  It’s stretching and getting on my shoes and socks; that’s the real struggle right now: just trying to pull myself together.  The Biggest Loser thing at work has a weigh in today, so there’s definitely no slacking off.  Gotta burn those last few calories.  This is definitely one of those mornings that could have been the first of many “I need to some to rest and take a break from the early morning” mornings, but we all know where that road leads. It may look down hill and smoothly paved from where I stand now, but as soon as head down that road, I will find nothing but bumps, hills, and construction detours all the way.

It’s time to save this and head out.  Catch you on the flipside…


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