Wellness Wagon: Week 4

Well kids, I’m 4 weeks cigarette free.  I was talking to a friend who has read a few of my recent entries and mentioned that, with all the posts about running, he didn’t realize I was a smoker.

My wife said the same thing.  (whoops!)

So let’s clear a few things up.  My last cigarette was 4 weeks ago.  That cigarette came several weeks after the one before it.  I have not been smoking regularly for several years (about 13).  Here and there I would pick it up for a few days or a few weeks and then stop again.  It has been social-only, since my oldest daughter was born.  I realized a few weeks ago, however, that there are thousands if not millions of smokers out there want to quit, try to quit, and in many instances fail… so why am I here smoking random cigarettes whenever I feel like it?  Tempting fate?  I would really be an idiot to not stop forever.  So I did.  I figure the only way I will be successful in this is if I behave like a smoker in recovery.  so I regularly post about how long its been when I update the wellness Wagon.

With that said, I have gained a little weight since last week, but I also ran 5 miles this morning and felt pretty good, so the weight might be a fluke or otherwise unimportant.  I haven’t been eating terribly, but I haven’t really been eating all that well either, so that’s high on my list.  I’m still drinking fairly regularly.  I suppose that will be the next thing to go…  The question then becomes: how far do I take it?  Do I quit alcohol like I quit cigarettes?  That’s a pretty big deal.  Maybe just special occasions and vacations?  That’s probably more reasonable.    thoughts to ponder.



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