ADHD Review: July Teaser

Here we are, prepping for July’s ADHD Review!  Without further ado here’s what I’ve listened to so far…


1st podcast: ADHD Rewired Ep122 w/ Alex Hofeldt of the Beautiful Dust Specks podcast.

Eric and Alex talk about a lot of pertinent material.  Alex makes connections between fields of thought and talks about the obstacles that ADHD brings to his life.  You will like this podcast if you can relate to never having a quiet mind, social awkwardness, seeing patterns and connections everywhere you look, not enjoying phone conversations, and forgetting peoples’ names; among other things.  The main theme of the show is friendship, specifically how we socialize and how friends interact with us (or don’t).

2nd podcast: Miss ADD: Transcending the Effects of ADHD in a Relationship

Justine Ruotolo talks to Mary and David about the effects of ADHD in a relationship.  Mary came to Justine’s support group one night to try to understand life with ADHD to better understand her husband and daughter and their ADHD.  I instantly related because I am married to someone without ADHD and so understanding executive function (or lack thereof) is very important in my own journey.  What is it like for a neurotypical spouse to sometimes feel like they are married to a child?  What is it like for an ADHD spouse to feel like they are married to a parent?  Find out, from this couple of 23 years.


3rd: See in ADHD 84: The Attention Deficit Hyperactive Advantage

Jennie talks to Corey about what it’s like finding yourself and accepting your ADHD.  Corey’s spoken word piece about ADHD can be found Here. Corey has done a great job coming to terms with his ADHD.  He’s dealt with judgement, medication, and now he’s living his life the way he chooses, embracing his ADHD.  His ADHA.  His Attention Deficit Hyperactive…  Advantage.


I don’t put anything in the teaser that is not worth listening to.  Please give these individuals the attention, shares, likes, and clicks they deserve.


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