The Wellness Wagon: week 1

So, it has been 6 days since my last cigarette. Not a big deal just yet, I as I’ve gone months at a time…  I ran Wednesday morning, walked every day of the week, and ate fairly healthy all week. Unfortunately after wednesday’s run I have some swelling in my heel and it’s become pretty tender.  Gotta lay off the running for now.  Lots of walking in my future 😦

  A coworker gave me some gummy worms Tuesday and I had home made Guava BBQ pulled pork Wednesday night.  Al’s Pizza Thursday (office luncheon)…. Mcdonalds jalapeño McChicken and some fries Friday.  Otherwise, my meals were fairly healthy.

I have lost approximately 5 pounds this week, which I’m sure is a result of exercise, diet, and the fact that my first weigh in was on a full stomach.

I started a group on Facebook with a few of my friends to allow us all to provide support and accountability as we get our acts together, and hopefully it will lead to meeting up here and there for hiking, fishing, and all-around healthy activities.


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