ADHD Review: Attention Talk Radio

Having finally graduated college, it’s time to turn my attention to learning more about the ADHD community and various aspects of ADHD.  I now listen to several podcasts by ADHD coaches and personalities.  Here is the first installment of what I hope will become a monthly feature of my blog, highlighting a specific podcast, blog, or book each month which brought something new about ADHD to my attention.  You can find a sampling of June’s selection of podcasts, etc., here.

To kick it off, I would like to share Jeff Copper’s “Attention Talk Radio“, specifically Jeff’s may 25th 2016 episode regarding masturbation and sexual tendencies in relation to ADHD.  Being married to a neurotypical woman, I was immediately wondering why the potential for different sexual tendencies due to ADHD had never come up in my marriage.  Jeff’s guest, Dr. Ari Tuckman, discusses the tendency for masturbation to be higher in both genders for individuals with ADHD than those without.  Aside from the obvious potential for survey influence, Jeff and Dr. Tuckman focus on what it is about ADHD which might cause this to be the case; from people with ADHD simply being more comfortable sexually to dopamine release and my favorite new word: Procrasturbate.  They discuss the research as well as the actual benefits of sex and masturbation, and even the issue of paying attention to sexual interactions and premature/prolonged experiences.

I don’t want to spoil the whole episode so go listen to it!  Learn how masturbation and sex can relate to mindfulness, focus, and of course, Paying Attention to Attention; as Dr. Tuckman and Jeff Copper have a candid and often humorous conversation on something of a taboo topic.


More info on Dr. Tuckman and ADHD can be found HERE.


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