How Many Times do I Have to Get Back On the Damn Bandwagon?


Having been up and down with my health and weight, I’m deciding (again) that it’s time to make some permanent changes.  Having ADHD, routine is very important, and constantly breaking from routine has been detrimental.  Not only is my health suffering from not maintaining healthy choices, but so is my home.  I have lost the motivation (again) to stay on top of housework, which is my main source of stress at home.  I look at the dishes piling up in my kitchen and instead of cleaning them, I get angry and walk away.  I am tired of feeling like this.  I get angry or depressed and essentially shut down and that’s not OK.  All the bad symptoms of my ADHD rush in and take over.

So why not turn this into a blog?  As I am working on building some level of regularity to my blogging schedule, I want to commit to putting an update every week on my health initiative.  Maybe if I think people will be expecting progress, I’ll be more likely to achieve it?  There are a few goals I have in mind. 

  1. Permanently quit smoking – I do not really consider myself a smoker.  When friends and coworkers are smoking, I might have one now and then.  Sometimes it turns into bumming smokes a few times a day for a week or so, then I’m back to not smoking for weeks to months on end.  So this weekly update should include the number of days since my last cigarette.
  2. Take a break from alcohol – Alcohol is a source of unnecessary sugar and unnecessary spending.  So I will include also the number of days since my last drink.  Financial health is important too, so this is not something I should be spending my money on.
  3. Start exercising, and don’t stop – I got back into running, started registering for races, and just abruptly fell off the wagon.  There is no accountability.  So each weekly update will include my exercise for the week.  This will consist mostly of walking and jogging.  I have a bowflex that I actually really enjoy using, but it’s buried in my garage.  So maybe that’ll become a thing too.

So my first task will be to establish a schedule.  run in the morning or run at night.  It’s so tough to get up early enough to run in the morning, but then it’s hotter and I’m more tired at night.  I will probably stick with getting up early.

Next, I need to establish some reasonable steps to reach my goals.  I currently weigh ~205 lbs. and run 2-3 days most weeks, but rarely more than 3 miles.  I

  1. Try to lose 10 lbs per month, on average, for the next 3 months, then re-evaluate my weight and overall health.  Weight is not the most important indicator for me, so long as I’m healthy and active. I thin
  2. Try to go 3 months with no alcohol.  this will help with the weight and my finances.
  3. No more cigarettes.  ever.
  4. Create a recurring appointment in my calendar to ensure a weekly blog to support my commitment.
  5. Join the “Biggest Loser” competition in my office to further support my commitment to shed some weight.  There are cash prizes too, so that’s a plus.
  6. get my family on board to push me when I need it.

All in all, I anticipate the end result of weighing approx. 170 (I am now at 205) although if I’m at 190 and I’m running half marathons and tough mudders comfortably, I’ll be happy with that.  I hope to never smoke again.  The alcohol, ultimately, I am not really concerned about as long as it’s in moderation.


This is where I typically insert some kind of motivated “yeehaw” statement but I’m getting drained from the constant battle so there’s this instead:




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