ADHD Review – June Teaser

As promised, I have begun listening to podcasts and reading blogs, and will be putting up some kind of review or commentary in June.  I plan on providing some kind of monthly commentary on a book or one of several podcasts and blogs I will be catching up on this summer.  I really want to learn more about ADHD, but it will not be 100% technical.  Many of my favorite writers and speakers with ADHD don’t necessarily mention ADHD in everything they do.

Of course, because he is awesome and the fountain of his knowledge is deep and pure, I kicked it off with Tom Nardone’s Theory of Pants. That was just to get into the listening groove, and I followed it up with Dating Disasters. Dating Disasters was sparked by a real life date-gone-wrong and is commentary on the weird and scary dating experiences Tom and Yvonne had back in the day.  It reminded me of the dating antics and adventures I had when I was still free 😉


Next up was Eric Tivers ep 47: ADHD at 55mph.  This was the first exposure I ever had to Eric Tivers.  I related immediately to the whimsical change of topic, through no fault of the speaker/driver LOL.  The next time I get together with Eric and the gang on Zoom, we’ll have to turn this podcast into a drinking game…


After Eric’s epic multi-train-derailment, which I enjoyed thoroughly, I moved on to another first.  Jennie Friedman has become one of my most supportive friends in the ADHD community, and I felt it only right to include her podcast in those I will be listening to in the coming months.  In Episode 40: ADHD Brain Hacks , Jennie talks to Alan Brown (ADD Crusher) about brain hacks to overcome the symptoms of ADHD, and they also talk about becoming speakers on the topic and what Alan had to overcome to get where he is today.

I’ve called into and listened to Jeff Copper’s Attention Talk Radio a few times, but it had been awhile, so it was refreshing to come across a social stigma like Masturbation being addressed by Dr. Ari Tuckman on the show (5-25-16).  I love a shock value title, and while this is a very legitimate topic on a very legitimate show, as I was scrolling through Jeff’s show titles, nothing caught the eye of my inner adolescent like masturbation.  This was a fascinating show with regarding to social messages about sexuality as well as gender differences and ADHD vs non ADHD households/couples.



I will add here that I will only ever post positive commentary about the blogs, podcasts, and books of my learning experience. That said, there can be only one (each month).  I certainly don’t want to short change any readers, however, by taking away the means to decide for themselves, so I will include, each month, a teaser like this about the various podcasts I enjoyed throughout the month.  These are the standouts so far, and by the end of June I should have a nice write up about one of these or another that I found to be the most interesting!  I hope you listen to these podcasts as I found them all to be very interesting, and very unique.  My fear was that everything I read or listen to would sound the same, and I was pleasantly surprised to find this is not the case at all.



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