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Today was a first for me.  I came to work as a college graduate.  Some people spend the days prior to graduation thinking about what they are going to do with their lives now that this chapter is ending.  I did not.  I came to work, business as usual, until just now I thought to myself: What do I do next?

I have no tests to study for.  I have no projects at the moment.  I cannot just go back to business as usual.  I need to make something of myself and put this degree to work.  I have always been intimidated by risks, and as a result I have stagnated at several jobs when I very well could have advanced.  I convinced myself several years ago that going back to school is necessary to make advancement easier, as it would open the doors to more opportunities.  Now, here I am, with no further reason for delay.

This is going to be tough.

Something crossed my mind a couple weeks back though that blew my mind.  I was thinking about how much I was not looking forward to doing something, and I told myself that it doesn’t matter how difficult the task at hand is, it still has to be done.

The Difficulty of a task does not affect the Need to get it done.

That’s deep.  So now I need to buckle down and make something of my life.  I have been with my current employer for almost 9 years, and I’m still in an entry level position.  It’s time to start taking measures to ensure this tenure doesn’t go to waste.  As much as I would like to procrastinate, or simply continue doing what’s easiest…



So that’s where I am.






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