First race of the year, the Arnie Johnson 5k /10mi (I’m running the 5k)in rockford IL is this Saturday.  I am taking it easy this week, lots of walking, easy runs. I hope to finish under 28 minutes.  I Also have a test this week and the regular week’s worth of homework due Sunday. My Race is Saturday.  As you might discern from my choppy writing, I’m pretty anxious.
  I hope this will be the year that I make good progression toward finishing a half marathon.  Bu the end of the year, I hope to run 5k in under 25 minutes, 10k under 60 min, and 13.1 just finish.  I am working sooo hard to restrain myself, as I have run myself into injury and delay over and over again.  I am tired of being over weight, and tired of not having the self discipline to reach my goals and excel and everything I try! I know I can do well at whatever I put my mind to, I just can’t put my mind to anything!  This race season will be different, and hopefully it will preparee to actually race in the next year or so.


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