More on the ADHD Runner




It’s been a while since I updated you all on how my running is going.  I have increased my mileage, and now have  a “long run” every week, which is now ~4mi.  otherwise I run 2 miles a day and walk for upwards of an hour.

I have started to experience again that mid-run meditation that used to be so helpful and calming.  There is a lot of talk out there about mindfulness, and that meditation or calming activities are beneficial to various mental health situations, ADHD included.  In times past I would have laughed at this notion; I can’t sit still long enough or focus on one thing long enough to meditate!  Nowadays, though, I realize that back in those days I would get lost in thought during my runs, especially during longer road races.  I would have an inner monologue (Often about the runner around me) and this would push away any other thoughts that would otherwise be racking my brain.  This is meditation!  Now that I am back to where I can run longer than 30 minutes, I am finding again that I can settle into that inner monologue and it’s relaxing.  my form and distance is improving now by leaps and bounds, and it’s probably because I get lost in my own head and stop thinking about how tired I might be or what I would rather be doing.  Hopefully I’ll get a decent 10k in this year!





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