Master of Lost Keys

master of lost keys.jpg

I know, it probably seems like a silly title.  but imagine, if you will, He-Man, with all his might.  Now imagine that the only might he has is that he MIGHT know where his keys are.  That’s what I envisioned when I renamed my Facebook page (Master of Lost Keys; of course, it’s changed again since I wrote this).  I often feel empowered by my ADHD, but in what way am I truly mighty?  I don’t know anyone who can lose keys with the expertise I do.  When my wife parks behind me and I have to leave before her in the morning, I would much rather just take her car than move it out of the way.  Unfortunately, this often means I have to wake her up to move it.  If I do it, there’s a good chance I’ll take her keys to work with me instead of putting them back where they go.  The other side to this is that I have found various keys, not having a clue what they belong to.  last year I found the spare keys to a car I hadn’t owned for several years!  Honestly though, it’s not just keys.  The worst is when you leave your kid in the car as you run into a store where your ex is dropping off your other kid.  I’ve done it.  It was for like 5 min, and I about vomited when I realized what I had done.  That’s the worst.  The worst ever.  I shudder thinking about it even now, 8 years later.  On a less scary note, what’s could be more frustrating than losing your glasses???  When you lose your keys, you don’t need your keys to look for them (hopefully).  When you lose your wallet, you don’t need your wallet to find it. but when you lose your glasses… How are you supposed to see where your glasses might have gone if you can’t see without them? It’s like looking for a flashlight in the dark…

Do you see the flashlight?

I am cursed with (I feel) the worst of the ADHD symptoms: Forgetfulness.  You could show me a baby picture of one of my kids, and I wouldn’t be able to tell you who it is, just that it’s my daughter.  You could ask me what I had for dinner last night, and unless I made it from scratch or REALLY enjoyed it or hated it, I probably wouldn’t remember.  So of course, if things aren’t put in a designated place, they could be lost forever.


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