Spring is coming!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Spring is coming or Pineapple Bacon Skewers

I’ve been watching the weather all day.  Snow is no biggie, right?  Those of us who survived the groundhog day blizzard in chicago a few years ago scoff at this dusting.  Then I get an email from my NIU instructor.  Class is cancelled.


I think a lot of poeple consider complaints about Winter to be annoying.  ‘Why can’t people just suck it up?  It happens every year, right?’  Here’s my take:  I LOVE winter.   I love driving in the snow (weird, right?), I love sledding, tromping in the yard with my kids.  I especially love driving at light speed at night (visual effect of driving in the snow, not a reference to speeding).  What I rather dislike is the dysfunction of Winter.  The bad potholes, the people who can’t get winter-ready tires or have vehicles that handle poorly and thus drive unreasonably slow (the slower you drive, the easier it is to get stuck, the faster you drive, the harder it is to stop.  it’s all about finding the right balance).  It’s flexing my shift, getting up early anticipating a full day of work and 3 hours of class that I’ve studied for, only to find out class is cancelled.  Think kindly on those who complain a bit about winter.  It may not be the weather itself that they have a problem with.  Provide them with something to look forward to, like swimming pools, grills, BBQ’s, and sunburns.  Spread a little Summer cheer this winter, and think of how great it is to live in a place which actually has 4 distinct seasons! I’ll start:  Right now I’m thinking of grilling skewers with Bacon, Pineapple, Chicken, Onions, and Bell Peppers.


Thanks for reading!  This message brought to you by Eggs over-easy w/ hot sauce, and bacon.

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