Time Stamp


Do you ever look back and think about all the mistakes (especially the more “life altering” ones) you’ve made and wonder what the “you” of the past would think of what you became, and how you live your life now?  I used to love to write poetry.  It all sounded fairly corny or dramatic (I was a teenager, it’s to be expected).  I recently came across my writing from way back when.  Reading it, I sort of re-entered the mind-frame of the young Andrew who wrote this and that.  What I was thinking then, and how silly I now find the emotions I had then.  Interestingly, thinking about how I dealt with things in the past; how much importance I placed on things that, today I realize, didn’t really matter that much, I wonder how the me in another 15-20 years will look at my life now.  Then I realized, I don’t really write much these days (thought that’s changing with this blog).  I have pictures from my teenage years, but none really from my late teens-early tweens.  So I began playing with my pictures, coming up with new images like this one:


The moment portrayed here was also the moment I decided it was time for our first family pet.  Zoey the cat.  This was an actual photo of my youngest Daughter, with Zoey, at the sitter’s house, where our sitter fosters rescued cats until they are adopted.  I’m more of a dog person myself, but Zoey is great.  She sheds very little, with no hairball incidents thus far, and she’s outgrown the “shred everything” phase, so nothing in our home has been ruined.  I digress… I find myself wondering: What will Andrew 20 years from now think when ie sees this photo in a book or album commemorating his success as an auther and blogger of all things ADHD?  What will my daughter think if she sees this photo? Take a moment to think back in a time in your life where you made a decision that affected the years following it, whether it was a mistake or not.  How does the past “you” at the moment of that decision compare to the present “you”?  Now, based on the trend of how you’ve grown and matured since that time, how will the future “you” possibly feel about the decisions you make now?
Read the original HERE.


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