Get Over It!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Get over it

Some of the best advice I’ve ever given, or been given, is to get over it.  Granted, usually this is said with the least possible amount of tact, in the end, it is the best advice to follow 99% of the time. Last night, I went to bed practically shaking with anger.  After a rough discussion through social media messaging (one of the worst ways to have an important conversation, but since I initiated it there, there it remained) I was told to “Get over it.”  I was pretty upset. Here’s some background. I have ADD/ADHD (yes, both).  If you know me, and you’ve been a part of my life for several years, you know this.  You know I can’t just “Get over it.”  This person had just given me the best advice possible, but in the worst possible way.  I wasn’t thinking clearly (I can’t when I’m frustrated) so of course I just got offended and started spouting off.  This is also part of the dark underbelly of ADHD.  I often refer to it as Tantrum.  So here I am pitching a fit via instant message trying to explain I am not the asshole here, and I am willing to cooperate, but that I have certain expectations.  The conversation derailed and became more about how I was acting, and how I was being treated, than the initial topic (which was far more important).  Now my only wish is to wipe the slate clean and start the whole conversation over.  Now, one might expect that this is going to turn into a rant about these people I was talking to and their lack of understanding, but it’s not.  They are not to blame.  I am.  Tantrum is.  I am Tantrum.  There’s no excuse for my behavior and my reaction, other than I can’t control it.  Control is MY responsibility, and by not having it, I have let them down and let myself down, and only managed to complicate a simple situation. KNOW YOUR ADD.  KNOW YOUR ADHD.  KNOW YOUR TURRET’S, YOUR ASPBERGER’S, YOUR (insert personality disorder here) and DO NOT LET IT CONTROL YOU. I am going to attempt this conversation again, stating my situation from the get-go and requesting patience while I work through my thoughts and keep things moving forward.  hopefully I haven’t ruined everything. The best advice you can give, and the best advice you can get, is to GET OVER IT.


See the original post here.


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