What is it about squirrels that they’re so relate-able to those with A.D.D. and AD/HD (yes, I like the rock n roll abbreviation more)?  It’s the squirrel demeanor.  Darting here and there.  Seemingly without a plan.  Sometimes social, sometimes scared beyond words.  There is also:Dug_Squirrel.jpg

Not only are Squirrels seemingly distracted beyond compare, they are also a major source OF distraction!  Kids and adults alike fall prey to the distractibility of the Squirrel as it darts across the sidewalk, park, road, or power line.  ESPECIALLY when we have A.D.H.D. and it’s accessories (side-effects). 

The “Squirrel” effect has multiple aspects.  They are as follows:


  1. I was having lunch with a coworker the other day, and you would not believe – Hey, Check out that squirrel!   Wait… what were we talking about?


  1. Similarly to #1… I was having lunch with a friend the other day, and you wouldn’t believe – hey look, a squirrel!- so anyway I was eating breakfast this morning, and my kids were blowing bubbles in their chocolate milk.  It was so annoying.


  1. I’m driving down the street, “Squirrel!” BAM!!!  Sorry Officer, I didn’t see you stopped at the red light…


The above mentioned aspects of Squirrel moments are with regards to our own attention to actual squirrels.  (duh).  However, we also act squirrely.


“I really have to get this homework done.  I hate homework.  I also hate beets.  Dr. Dre should stick to music, his headphones and computer programs suck.  My vacuum lost suction last week.  I had to put it down.  My dog died when I was 16.  That driving test sucked.  Homework sucks.  I have to get this homework done.  Did I say that already?”


Conversationally we can be all over the place, and not even realize it.  Some “Normies” experience this when they’ve had a lot of  coffee, uppers, or are on  a first date with the love of their life, nervous as hell.


I could write an entire blog entry to elaborate on that!  Maybe I will…


I am POSITIVE I had more to write, but alas, I have forgotten

See the original post here.


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