Talking +running=goals

One of the toughest things to do on a run is have a conversation with someone.  It disrupts your breathing and lowers your O2.  Plus side: it passes the time. 
This weekend I was at my dad’s for an early xmas celebration since they will be out of state.  It was rainy out and dad has a treadmill, so I hit the ‘mill while he hit the weights.   I couldn’t get my phone to stream netflix so I was bummed I couldn’t watch the X-Files and relax into a nice easy run.  Dad put the news on and eventually between his reps we started talking politics.  By mile two I was pretty winded.  We kept talking, though, and before I knew it, mile three was down.  I stopped there, not wanting to over do it.  Plus-I could barely breath!
I haven’t run that far in 2 months, on account of hurting myself at a race, then getting really sick.  I ran 3 miles in 36 minutes.  Now I have a new goal.
I find setting multiple goals helpful because it increases my odds of success.   For running,  I like to establish a time goal for each distance I run.  My goal now is to bring my mile time below 8 minutes, my two mile below 20 minutes, and my 3 mile below 36 minutes.  My 5k in September had a 28 min finish time, and once I get back to that, I will pick back up on the previous goal: a more agressive 5k time of sub-21minutes.  My 10k goal is sub-60 minutes once I get back up to that distance.  Long term, I want a half marathon time sub 80 minutes, which i anticipate will take several years. My half PR is ~75minutes, set whenI was 17 at the Provo Canyon 1/2 marathon in Utah.  I don’t know that I’ll ever be in that kind of shape again, but then again I finished a hundred meters or so ahead of my dad who was older then than I am now, so it’s possible!

All this thought from completing a 3 mile run.


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