Letter to Congress?

Part of having ADHD is having the most complex self talk at the most random occasions. Often this self talk is on large scale economic or lifestyle topics like politics, religion, and the environment. Sometimes, I feel like I should be sending these thoughts to congress!  This post is the result of one such occasion.

I have recently taken a few classes on environmental policy, water, and severe weather.  The culmination of these college courses has been the concept in my mind that we can address many global issues regarding pollution and weather related accidents and injuries very simply, and yet do not.

I’ll cut right to the chase…

My primary belief is that all new construction should be disallowed within one mile of major waterways.  This will ensure flood damage is kept to a minimum, and will minimize water pollution.  This also increases our ability to treat water further from it’s destination, so overflow at the treatment sites during times of extensive rain will not be as hazardous.  This 1 mile barrier would be designated as state or federal wildlife reserve.  The existing inhabitants would be responsible for it’s upkeep, citations for land/water abuse to be cited by wildlife officials.  Ownership could only be passed on through family line inheritance, and property no longer privately owned would be cleared of human debris (propane tanks, gas and water lines, etc. would be removed, buildings removed, and basements filled.) and would become protected land.  Property owners would be limited to the amount of fossil fuel energy they could use, and would rely heavily on renewable energy such as personal wind energy devices and solar energy.

I imagine anyone reading this is probably thinking “This is ridiculous”.  But think about it: how pristine would this land be?  People would actually pay pretty good money for land so harshly protected and beautiful!  Frankly, it is drastic measures like this that will save us down the road, with an estimated world population of 9-12 billion by 2050.

While we are on the topic of renewable energy, all new construction should REQUIRE renewable energy sources.  I recently read that in France, all new construction has to have solar panels or plants on the roof.  Why can’t every country do this?  There is already incentive for us to have solar energy or personal wind turbines.  These properties are still connected to the power grid, and the surplus energy goes into the grid.  This is measureable by the existing devices monitoring our homes and offices, and the electric company has to reimburse us for this surplus energy that they are now able to provide to others.  If my power company would be willing to provide the solar panels and their maintenance, I would even say they could keep the surplus.  everyone wins!  Homeowner’s associations could do this too, incorporating solar panel maintenance into the association dues.  I’ve talked to people who get several thousand dollars per year from the power company in payment for their surplus electricity…

With regards to controlled construction, I suggest all new single family residential lots must be no less than 2 acres, with more lenient requirements on lawn care (let it grow!).  This will limit the amount of damage one family can do to their land, and will insured they have enough land to live off of.  I encourage the planting of edible landscaping and gardens!  All new homes should be equipped with car chargers to encourage electric car ownership.  All new gas stations should be required to provide charging stations, charged by solar electricity to minimize the cost to the provider.

As you can see, none of these things require massive change, or social upset.

Solar Energy for the home

Wind Energy for the Home
While I may or may not add specific surveys and citations and send this to my congresspeople, this is definitely how I (day)dream ADHD.


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