Music and ADHD

For the Love of Music (Reboot)

you will see in this blog underlined songs, which are what played when I initially wrote this.

Music.  It’s everywhere.  The language of the world.  There is a time and a place for music.  For me, it’s anytime, any place.  And I listen to everything.  I’m listening to music right now. Killswitch engage: The End of Heartache.  When I’m feeling hyper and rebellious, it’s ICP, Twiztid, Korn, Avenged Sevenfold, Rob Zombie… the list goes on, but you get the idea.  When I’m doing housework, it’s classic rock; from Kansas to ACDC, and of course one of my favorites: KISS.  Dinner time is usually a little more mellow, Santana, Gypsy Kings, anything with Spanish Guitar, as well as the Eagles.  Some people tell my that if they couldn’t tell by just knowing me, my shuffle shouts ADHD.  My favorites include KISS, Less Than Jake, Metallica, Korn, NOFX, Aerosmith, Static X, Busta Rhymes, TOOL, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd, and Ludacris.  I really enjoy listening to ICP and Twiztid as well, but that’s an acquired taste lol.  Regardless of the mood, I have the music to match it.  When I have school work or projects at work, the hard rock comes out and the determination and motivation to get things done is unleashed!  I had a hard time in high school with some of my classes until I discovered that Metallica and Apocalyptica really meshed well with my thoughts and provided just the right amount of stimulation to stay focused.  When I had a paper route, and had to drive and deliver for anywhere from 4 hours to 6 hours in the early AM, music kept me awake (usually dubstep or heavy metal).  I had an iPod classic, 32g I believe, and it was full.  Pantera: Walk. So that’s my stand on music in general.

What does music do?  Why is music so prevalent in my life, and in the lives of others I know with ADD and ADHD?

First and foremost, for me, music provides a cadence, to which I march through the day.  It sets the mood, and motivates.  If I need determination, I need a heavy melody with a quick tempo. (I am not a student of music, so I apologize if my terminology is inaccurate).  If I’m trying to relax, I need something gentle and soothing (Santana).  When I’m feeling reminiscent, something a little psychadelic (Pink Floyd).  Sometimes I just need background noise.  Then, anything will do, but I really like Static X and Skrillex.  It’s a matter of motivation and stimulation.
Furthermore, music provides something to relate to. I get super frustrated when I can’t focus on something or if I come across a problem I can’t figure out. Eminem and D12: One Shot 2 Shot.  When we can relate to something, it brings validation.  When I’m angry, and I listen to angry music, it helps me cope.  Deftones: ChangeMany people think that violent music, games, etc. cause people to become violent.  This may be true for some, but for me, music in any form is both an outlet for emotion and an inlet for necessary distraction.  It’s easy to get lost in the music, and music makes it easier to get lost in the work; confusing as that may look in writing…
Lastly, I need a certain level of noise or audible stimulation to function.  Something to focus that part of my mind which wants to focus on EVERYTHING around me.  This allows the part of my mind I’m using to work properly, without being pulled into the search for stimulation.  Music is my medicine.  Sometimes I need a pot or two of coffee to go with it, but usually music is enough. Rage against the Machine: Bulls on Parade 
You can see throughout this blog the different songs which were playing while I worked on this. Busta Rhymes Feat. Mystikal: Iz They Wildin With Us & Gettin Rowdy With UsIt’s mostly fast paced music, and a lot of what I listen to is rebellious, angry, or defensive.  I used to have to keep some music to myself so as not to upset my parents LOL.  Ice Cube: You Can Do It (…).  Sometimes I do get distracted by what I’m listening to, and I take that opportunity to grab a snack or some coffee.  In the end, I still have to put everything aside every once in a while and walk away for a breather .  You can tell as I write this that I’m getting less and less written between songs… Luckily this is a good stopping point.

So for those who need help focusing, try music.  For those who don’t understand how a person can listen to earshattering death metal and do homework, hopefully today’s blog helps you understand.
Korn: Follow the LeaderOf course, after reading this, if you have suggestions for music that is in line with the songs I’ve heard during this blog, please feel free to share!

Many thanks for reading, sharing, and commenting.


Rainbow: Man on the Silver Mountain


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