Kitchen Adventures

Kitchen adventures (Reboot from Dec 2013)

Just another unplanned ADHD adventure.  Something you typically don’t want to have in the kitchen.

Today my wife had work to do so I was in charge.  We played ALL DAY.  My younger two and I played Candyland (with the older of them pulling all the cards and moving all the pieces, yet magically never winning herself) and otherwise occupied ourselves with video games (not something we do regularly… well not something they do regularly) until it was time to get dinner ready.  I planned it all out: pan-fried pork chops, with sweet potatoes (from the box… not my usual cup of tea) and butterhorn rolls.  The rolls of course would take the longest, with prep and bake time, so I started those first.  I was really proud of myself, having a sink full of hot soapy water for dishes to go into as soon as I was done with them, knowing what I was going to make and when to start it.  I just managed to miss one key detail: the dough for the rolls has to rise for 60 min.  Well crap.
So, 1 hr 35 min later (give or take), as we’ve just finished eating the chops and the potatoes, the first of 2 batches of rolls was just coming out of the oven.  They were delicious.  Even the most well planned dinner can turn out a little …off, but that’s ok.  Enjoy the rolls and the fact the kitchen is clean almost immediately after dinner.  That’s what I did.

Image result for butterhorn rolls pork chops

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