Do by Not Doing

As I try my best to condition myself for running, I sometimes come across minor injuries or discomfort which cause me to need some time off.  Any runner will tell you that time off is not ideal.  We want to be out running.  This has recently happened to me as I have developed some swelling and discomfort in my shins.  Fearing shin splints, I decided to take a few days to a couple of weeks off.  Meanwhile, I dug out my Bowflex in the garage so I can stay active, and have been walking more as well.  This is actually beneficial to running as it give my brain a break from what can otherwise be a monotonous activity.  Sometimes, the body needs a break too.  I am still active, and enjoying the new soreness in my arms, chest, shoulders, and back as I work muscles that haven’t gotten much attention lately.

Recently I opted to focus less on my runs and more on supplementing them in part with additional activities like walking, rollerblading, and cycling.  So I would run a couple of miles, then walk another mile, or bike another two or three miles.  I would skip a run and skate up and down the street with my kids.  This provides some distraction from running, but still provides cardio.  I also found that adding bicycle days ultimately improved my form and the length of my stride when I run!  So sometimes we can support a goal by stepping back and doing things a little differently.

ADHD provides a pretty major barrier to meeting goals in our day-to-day activities.  Sometimes we have a hard time studying for exams, or completing projects at home.  I sometimes find myself fighting to keep focus on the task at hand.  I might be working on the car and just be mentally exhausted trying to figure out why I can’t get the brake rotor off.  I might be doing homework and having a hard time concentrating on the 2 hours online lecture I have to review.  I am currently training for an 8k race I am running next month.  it’s easy to become tired of, or disinterested in, doing something.  When this happens, if I take a step back and do something else, it allows my brain to relax a bit, and more often than not I will come up with a solution to my car problem or will regain interest in the topic of the lecture.  In other words, sometimes the best way to resolve a problem or maintain focus is to do something else for a bit.  It works with physical training like running, etc.; and it works for daily at-home tasks as well.  Don’t be afraid to step back and work on something else or even just take a break.


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