The Road to “Runner”

My running experience has been a roller coaster. Early on, it was a steady incline (from ~9years old to ~18years old). Then I graduated high school and it was a long, steep plunge into a dark tunnel. The following years were several smaller rises and dips, until the ride finally stopped. It took a while to get the ride going again, and now here I am.

I no longer consider myself a runner. Sure, by social standards, I’m a runner. I run, right? Not really. I jog. Competitive runners will understand this. The rest of you will say “as long as you are getting out and running…” but to me, a runner is not a jogger. A jogger is not a runner. Those are the standards by which I judge myself. Call me a runner, if you like. Call yourself a runner even though you can’t finish a mile in under 8 minutes. I respect that, and have no problem with it. However, I won’t see myself as a runner until I am back to a sub 6 min mile and racing 10k and more.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a rant or a negative post. I just want readers to understand my thoughts and subsequently my goals. With that said, I ran a 3k fun run with my 12 year old daughter over the weekend and really enjoyed it. She finished without walking (that was our main goal) and I actually got a decent workout from it. I am registered for an 8k next month and haven’t run any further than 3 miles in quite some time. So this morning I decided it’s time to start gradually increasing my distance, incorporating a long run into my week and gearing one other run to strengthening my form (strides, hills, etc). Todays was supposed to be 2 mi but I felt good and made it my long run for the week. Next Monday, I’ll shoot for another mile longer, and the next Monday, until i’m over 5 mi. Then I’ll maintain that and focus on my time and my form. Here’s today’s results:



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