High Anxiety!

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We all know it.  Some too well. I get it before I have to leave for work.  Did I forget anything?  Before a race.  And recently, when registering for classes.  I somehow had it in my head that registration began in Oct.  I kept forgetting.  Then I would tell my wife “I need to register for classes.”  This went on for a week or so into October.  Then, one day, I selected my classes and registered.  or tried to.  I got an error message stating I did not have an active registration session.  Then I remember an email I had received from my advisor stating registration starts mid-November.  All this stress for nothing.

There’s always that fear too that you will get somewhere… the hotel, the airport, work, school… and realize you forgot something.  Yesterday it was my work ID.  This fear causes that pre-departure anxiety that I can’t stand.  Packing for vacation is insane.  I have tried packing early, but then when I’m done I stress until I unpack at my destination, wondering what I forgot.  Now I wait until the night before.  I might set some things aside, but I don’t pack until it’s time to go.  I bring $20 or so to buy whatever I forgot (last time it was swim trunks, and I ended up not even using them!).  Sometimes we just have to accept that something might go wrong, and do the best we can to be prepared for it.  Whether it’s registration, packing, leaving for work; or even things like vehicle maintenance and housekeeping.  Worrying doesn’t solve anything, makes many things worse, and for many with ADHD it is impossible to avoid.

6/10/14 Oh man, to ADHD to this… I tried registering again in November and rec’d a message that my school id was no longer valid.  I flipped out, thinking that my student status had been revoked after taking a semester off and not registering in time.  Turns out, my password just needed to be reset.  Everything is groovy now, I finish the semester with 2 A’s and a B and a lot less hair, and maybe a drinking problem LOL.


The picture above is indicative of more than the feeling of anxiety.  Sometimes it does feel like you’re falling hopelessly through an abyss of missed appointments, forgotten items, and poor judgment calls.  But read the subtitle: A Psycho-Comedy.  One of my favorite things to do is look back and laugh about some of the crazy situations I’ve flipped out about.  Things like unnecessary worry about school, and even a time when I started an abbreviated inter-session course at school a week late (it was a 4 week course). Luckily the teacher was my counselor’s husband, and she was able to get in touch with him and make sure I could still pass the class.  It all worked out and I got an A, but that first day when I thought it was entirely possible I could fail the class due to attendance (Which also meant my company would not pay for the class) I was freaking out!  For the rest of the course, however, the instructor and I got a good chuckle out of the situation, and I became an integral part of the class.

We as a society tend to put a mask on our anxiety until it becomes too much.  Anxiety is not something to hide.  It is something to learn from, and something to deal with.  I can tell you from experience that bottling it up is generally a bad idea.

And also, find this movie (High Anxiety) with Mel Brooks and watch it!

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