Being Healthy = stronger ADHD Symptoms?

I have always wondered how it’s possible to outgrow ADHD. I never thought myself to have out grown it, but I’ve learn to better manage it.  Is that the same?  Now something new has come up in my life that makes me second guess even that. My own health. Now if you’ve read my blogs in the past you’ll know that diet, exercise, and  emotions have always been part of a struggle for me. I’ve recently gone back to the doctor, and have been told that my diet still needs work. Just as with last year, I have found myself putting forth an effort to fix what’s broken. This time however I’m doing a much better job. That’s a good thing right? You would think so. However there is an amazing side effect: my ADHD symptoms have strengthened!

Sure I have more energy and I feel great.  Let’s be clear, though; I’m not on a diet.  I have changed my diet. I’m eating kale in ways I never would have thought of (meaning I’m actually eating kale). I find myself eating less carbs, more fish, and more nuts and berries. So now I have all of this energy and I don’t know what to do with it. It’s like being a kid all over again. I’m also finding myself drinking a lot more coffee; however I have a hard time believing that has anything to do with my ADHD symptoms worsening, since caffeine is commonly used to self-medicate for ADHD.  The increased caffeine was after the increased frenzy in my mind.  Fortunately I have been busy at work and home, and Tantrum has been kept at a minimum.

So the points to ponder are:

•Do people outgrow ADHD, or do they/ grow into it or manage symptoms better?
•Is it possible my symptoms were not better managed, but instead were weaker because I was, through lack of proper nutririon and exercise?


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