Making lemonade

Just some friendly advice for everyone: review you situation on a regular basis to see if it can be improved.  Life has a tendency to throw lemons at us daily.  The trick is to focus on finding the sugar.

In 2013 my office was laid off, given 2 months’ notice.  What we all realized after a short time was that, not only were there jobs available, there were even promotions! Most of the people who had really been set on staying with the company were not disappointed in how we were treated and the efforts made to relocate us.  I went to a different department and am currently involved in restructuring the training for our office, and I’m heading up a training committee to incorporate empathy and maintaining a positive attitude to better serve our customers.

Around that same time, my wife started having car trouble, and we were informed that some of the repairs would be very costly.  After reviewing our credit and our finances, we were able to trade her car in for a newer car (A more reliable model) with lower payments.

Not 6 months later I snapped the timing belt in my car and again we were facing immense auto repair costs.  Knowing our credit had improved quite a bit, we looked into debt consolidation and were able to include my auto repair costs into a debt consolidation and still come out with a lower monthly payment and an earlier pay off.

In each of these instance, it took significant problems to open my eyes to the opportunities available to me.  I came to the realization that in all aspects of life, I had been sucked into a routine that I seldom reviewed for possible improvement.  I have a better quality life now than I did even a year ago (When this blog was initially written) simply because life gave me lemons and I was forced to find the sugar.  Which I did, and we all can.



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