Social bias

My whole life I’ve been the king of saying stupid shit out of morbid humor, lack of filter, and just plain ignorance.  Things I should have just kept to myself, partly because it was in poor taste, and mostly because I didn’t mean it.  Now it seems like the whole nation is gripped with the same filter-free ignorance.

Take the recent publicity surrounding cop-on-black crime.  These horrendous situations have led to riots, protests, and racial unrest nationwide.  Suddenly all cops are bigots, and all blacks are victims.  No, wait – all blacks are criminals and if they want to escape police violence, they shouldn’t commit crimes.  No, that’s not it – all cops are overly violent and most recently all bikers are white supremist douchebags but they’re white so they get away with it. The truth of the matter is, these crimes against black suspects are not all commited by white cops.  Crime is not always committed by blacks.  There are, in fact, black bikers.  Female bikers too.  Businessmen and women along side racists and rebels and anarchists, sharing their mutual love of the open road and a motorcycle, riding in large numbers this particular weekend to honor veterans and heroes that have fought to protect our right to so freely hate one another.  We are all guilty of buying into the racism that drives this.  Most publicized crime involves blacks, and blacks are victimized and stereotyped.  There is no denying this.  It has to understood by all that being black doesn’t make a person a criminal, and it does mean a person is more likely to be victimized due to race.  However it should also be understood that not all whites are racially biased, and that  being white increase the odds that a person will be assumed racist, and victimized just the same.  Just as not all blacks are criminals, not all cops hate blacks.  Not all bikers are nazis.  We should spend this misdirected energy on learning about one another and ourselves, not spreading hate and ignorance.


While we’re on the topic of assumed hate… what’s with the whole anti-Muslim thing?  Same thing applies.  Muslims have been living peacefully in America for years.  All we hear about these days is news about Muslim violance against Christians and other non-muslims.  I’m willing to bet all the news in primarily Muslim parts of the world is about Christian violence against Muslims.  It’s this one-sided coverage of world news that fuels religious hate.  Media propaganda is not just in the mind of the paranoid anarchist.  Media, in general, is not driven by education, but by ratings.  Newscasts are typically about what will keep people watching, not about accurately reflecting the hearts of men and women and of society.  I don’t care what religion you are, or what you may think about mine.  I don’t hate you, and I don’t assume that you hate me.  We are all going to die, and then whatever god or gods there may or may not be will decide who is right, who is wrong, and we will all be dead. Better to die among friends than to spend our lives making enemies.


Kudos to the Irish, BTW. That country has had it’s share of violence and bias.  They have overcome intolerance to embrace peace and acceptance.  There is nothing I can say to equal the power and overall awesomeness of this historic occasion.


In the end, I guess what I’m saying is I’ve said some ignorant BS in my time, and it doesn’t mean I’m evil.  However I was still wrong.  I had to learn that.  Now it appears we as a society need to learn it as well.  We are all ignorant, to some degree; we are all biased, to some degree.  No one wants to be hated, and no one should want to waste their time hating others.  Make the best of your own life.  When whites show love and acceptance for blacks, and blacks do the same; when Christians show love for Muslims, and Muslims do the same; when we stop holding the beliefs, self-identification, color, and nationality of others against them, we will have more time and energy to put toward a rich, meaningful life.



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