FML with a chainsaw


Here I sit at Northern Illinois University’s satellite campus in Naperville, Illinois.  I arrived a full hour early to talk to the teacher about having missed the first week of this 4 week accelerated class.  I remember in high school making stupid mistakes and some of my teachers would feed me to the lions.  So imagine my anxiety when I logged onto the school website this morning to see what the required textbook would be for my upcoming class, and seeing the class actually started a week ago!
I immediately phoned my counselor and explained the situation (minus the ADHD. I have yet to play that card with this school and I’d like to keep it that way, for the sake of pride). I asked if there was anything to be done.  Thankfully the teacher is her husband so she was able to get ahold of him to discuss his attendance policy and my chances of getting an A or B in his class.  Getting a C would hurt my GPA, and any lower wouldn’t be reimbursed by my employer.  He called me later in the morning and stated (with audible good humor) that I should be okay and would just need to catch up on my notes.  He will be providing me with his notes from last week.  Now, the last day to withdraw from the class without being charged was Thursday of last week.  This teacher could easily have said “get with a classmate for last week’s notes and good luck getting any better than a D.”  So I am thankful. 

And SOOOO pissed off.  I am used to having made fairly major mistakes before and having people be mad at me, not having any idea at how much angrier I am at myself than they could possibly be.  I have to be the most fortunate unfortunate person.  Historically when things like this have happened, I pull through with an uncanny amount of luck.  Things like this have happened a lot, too. My anxiety is unmeasurable.  I can’t get my thoughts straight right now as class will be starting soon. Needless to say I’ll have little problem staying staying focused,  and a huge problem sitting still, for the remainder of the evening (3hr class).


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