A Good Run, and not so much

I finally made it out to a nearby trail today and it felt great.  I kept an easy pace however the rolling hills and high-knees through the roots and puddles mimicked the efforts of an interval run.  Any time I get the chance to get lost running on the trails it is like I’m reliving old times (only a lot slower).  That all too familiar soreness just above my knees as I’m powering up and down hills, that pain in my gut as I start to run out of steam…  Actually it all kept me thinking about how I used to be so much stronger, faster, and just – better.  I’m twice as old now, and nearly twice as heavy.  It’s hard to focus on the positive.  All I can do is start again next week with my Monday Morning Butt-Crack-Of-Dawn, “wake your ass up and start the week” run from hell and try to get another week in.  I really did enjoy running on the trails for a solid 45 minutes this afternoon, but now that I’m thinking about it, it’s just depressing…

Next week I keep going.


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