The Evolution of ADHD

I spent a lot of time hung up on the fact that people didn’t always understand me.  It was very frustrating.  When I learned to be ok with it, life got much better.

I write now not so much for people to better understand me, but to relate to my life and hopefully enlighten readers to the fun and not so fun stuff that comes with ADHD.  One thing that may instantly confuse readers is that my blog used to be titled “Eat Live Dream ADD” yet I refer to having ADHD.  This is for two reasons: 1) ADD is considered by most to be a subcategory of ADHD, and 2) my ADD has evolved.  Yours can too.

This brings up the most important aspect of having someone in your life with ADHD: Acceptance is more important than understanding.  You or your shiny chicken squirrel ADDer will likely change, evolve, and ultimately live a rollercoaster life.  It’s best to just enjoy the ride rather than try to predict what’s next.

To support the idea of evolution, I am rebooting my old Blogger entries and re-posting them in WordPress.  They will be edited, changed, and so on; so I will also include a link to the original.  I hope you enjoy reading about my personal roller coaster.

See the original here.


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