Monday, Monday

Every Monday I lose the most important battle of the week…

I wake up in the morning tired.  Not wanting to work.  I think about getting a quick run in, but maybe I’ll just get dressed and make breakfast and see where that takes me.  Deep down, I really want to run, but I seem programmed against it.  I recently changed shifts at work with the anticipation that I would run in the evening now.  But that hasn’t been happening.  Yesterday I fought the good fight and might have cheated a bit.  I went to bed in my running clothes.  When I woke up, I was halfway there.  Just needed to put shoes and socks on and get out the door.  I may have only run a mile, but I ran.  This is a start.  A Good start.  I will do the same thing tonight and see if I can’t get up a little earlier and try for two miles.  It’s passed time for me to get my ass in gear.


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