Squirrels, Keys, Ritalin, and Bacon

To ask someone what it’s like to have ADHD is to task them and yourself with an endless explanation of a multifaceted “thing”. First, what is it?  Is it a disorder? Disease? Mental illness? Disability?  Right there you have the first category of many arguments to be had.  Second, are you looking for the perspective of an adult with ADHD, or a child?  The parent of an ADHD child?  The neurotypical (NT) child of an ADHD adult?  Adhd does not just affect the mind and life of the person diagnosed with it, but also the lives of those they interact with.  There is a third, fourth, fifth, etc., but I have a better idea: Ask me what MY life with ADHD is like.  Then subscribe to this blog and begin learning.

This being my first real post on WordPress, i’ll give a bit of an introduction to my ADHD.

Imagine, if you will, that the average nervous system is designed to operate with a certain level of constant simulation. Now imagine my system is wrapped up in a sort of imaginary pillow, blocking the normal stimulation i need to function properly. So, i have a hard time keeping track of what’s going on around me. I am forgetful, to the point of forgetting what I’m saying midsentence, or even where I’m driving!
The other side to my ADHD is a handful of difficult emotions. My temper gets the better of me sometimes, and when it does it’s usually because of something stupid that happens at a time when my focus is worse than usual. This is a demon of mine, and I’ve named it Tantrum.
Another aspect of my personality I’ve named Captain WTF, and finally there’s Mr. What-were-we-talking-about? whose name is pretty self explanatory.

All of these things come together to create challenges I have to deal with daily. Lost keys are a great example. Lack of sleep, focus, and discipline all come into play. Throughout my blog, you will read about events that happen and situations I find myself in that aren’t always unique to ADHD but affect me differently that they would a normal person. There are also random things i think about here and there that are meant to be enlightening or just plain funny. So subscribe, follow, comment, and otherwise enjoy what I have to offer as i continue to open my life to the world.


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